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Thanks for stopping by! As this is our about page we’ll start by saying that after many years as a local lifestyle print magazine we recently moved to a digital-only format, and a new focus on presenting a series of people profiles centred around a featured topic.

The stats from our last census tell us that over 28,000 Brandon residents are in the workforce. Behind these numbers are people with distinct personalities and skills who work in a range of sectors.

We think it’s time to put faces to these numbers, so our first series features profiles of Brandon workers:

Magic happens when you use your skills.

The work you do has an effect beyond making a difference in your company.

Your actions strengthen the city’s social and economic infrastructure.

Busy ‘doing what you do’ during the workday, you probably don’t notice how much you matter to our city’s daily activity …

There is a continuous chain of interaction: Your morning is kickstarted when the drive-thru server hands you a welcome cup of coffee. She picks up her paycheque prepared by the company’s payroll clerk.

He gets a call from his realtor to view a house that ‘is perfect for your family’. She consults with a pharmacist about new allergy medication …

We use our expertise to help others as we move though our day as workers, co-workers, and consumers.

Each week we spotlight the work life of someone in a particular sector.

Whether you use your skills as the owner or employee of a business, you are an indie — independent, individual, and absolutely awesome.


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