Loving the Administrative Worklife

Interview with Shaun Cameron

Brandon’s Administrative professionals are the backbone of the office.

Working under the radar, they perform countless tasks that ease the way for others to get on with their jobs. Decision makers rely on them to collect on-topic material for review.

Admin’s need to be good communicators and problem solvers, and stay calm under pressure.

These professionals include Shaun Cameron whose administrative activity encompasses visual document creation:

Left quotation mark My job at Assiniboine Community College has two parts. As secretary to the board of governors, I provide members with administrative support.

And, act as a liaison between the president’s office and the board. I also work on photography and videography projects with the media department.

I came to the job in December 2016. There was a learning curve on the administrative side during the first six months.

But, I have served on boards before, including the Downtown Development Group, as chairperson. So, I understand the systems and mechanisms of board meetings.

On the media side, I had a level of comfort. This came from the experience of operating a production company for several years. I was able to step in and contribute right away.

I enjoy this diversity. It would be a very boring life for me to do the same thing every day.

There is an element of this job that does have a routine to it, which is good because it provides some structure.

I work as a liaison between board members and senior leadership. This group consists of the president, vice-president, deans, and directors.

They set the agenda for meetings, then submit relevant documents to me. I prepare the agenda and get documents to the board members in a timely fashion.

Our ten-member board meets seven times a year. They have oversight of the college so I have to be sure all items needed for decision making are available to them.

There is a lot of forecasting for three, six, and twelve-month windows. So, I know in advance what decisions need to happen to trigger other decisions.

And, what we’re responsible to have happen legislatively at various times of the year. My level of engagement is to be knowledgeable about whatever item is coming into play.

I enjoy the working relationship I have with the president. Mark Frison was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to work at the college because he’s very dynamic.

Mark’s a professional mentor in how he deals with people. And also where he’s taking the college and where he’ll take it in the years to come.

I’m able to be out among the students with some of the photography and videography projects.

That lets me have my finger on the pulse of what’s going on at the student level.

I especially enjoy the technical aspects of videography. A lot of times the media team will have a great idea and ask me, ‘How do we translate that?’

And that’s a lot of fun because I can, for lack of a better term, geek out a bit. And, hopefully, do justice to the story they want to tell.

Projects range from photographing college events to doing a full-on video production. For example, we recently created four commercial spots for various advertising initiatives.

I deal with a lot of information and a lot of people.

The beauty of the work I’m doing is that I’m learning about so many different aspects of the college.

It’s exciting because you feel like you play a role that’s important. Quotation mark right

by Brandon Now


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